Frank Worth: Vintage Photographer of Hollywood Stars




Frank Worth (1923 – 2000) was an American photographer who befriended and photographed many Hollywood actors and actresses between 1939 and 1964. His black and white candid pictures are unusual for the era, when most stars limited themselves to carefully posed glamour portraits. He kept many of his photographs private so that they were not seen until after his death. He was rumored to have been intimate with several of his subjects including Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield; he confirmed his affair with Monroe shortly before his death.

During his senior year he approached the New York offices of the International News Service (INS) with some of his photos and was offered a trial position. His first assignment was to photograph actors and actresses as they arrived at Grand Central Station getting off the California Express train. This was his introduction to Hollywood.

Worth never released his best photos. Some of his shots were to him as private as his personal life. The remarkable rare and highly valuable collection of negatives that were accumulated over a period of 60 years was found by his estate in Worth’s home after his passing in 1999. The negatives reveal a diverse, previously unseen catalog of Frank Worth’s Hollywood friends, acquaintances, and sports stars, representing an array of the famous stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Introduce you to some very emotional and atmospheric portraits of iconic artists of the 50s, made by Frank Worth.

1. Liz Taylor, 1954

2. Photographer also created a series of interesting shots of Marilyn Monroe. This photo was taken in 1951, the year.

3. Marilyn Monroe

4. Marilyn Monroe during the filming of “How to Marry a Millionaire ‘, 1953

5. Another photo from filming “How to Marry a Millionaire”: elegantly restrained pose like Marilyn Monroe emphasizes emotional leap Sammy Davis.

6. 1955, Frank Sinatra with his new car

7. Directed by Billy Wilder straightens her hair Marilyn Monroe on the set of the film “The Seven Year Itch.” Marilyn – in the famous white dress.

8. Jayne Mansfield playing casino. The actress was in a relationship with Frank Worthen and the photographer tried his best to contribute to the development of her career.

9. Jayne Mansfield and Robert Wagner

10. Actress, which later became the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. 1954

11. Dean Uaerpost

12. Dennis Hopper

13. Idol of the 50s, lived incredibly bright but short life – James Dean. 1954.